You will be in for a surprise! 

Unlike any of the other designs from the French fashion house; always austere and minimalist, The Bad Dreams collection from MOYNAT is filled with adorable, näif illustrations and a blend of monstrosity (in a good way, of course). 

Dreamed up by its artistic director Ramesh Nair with the help of Franco-Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle, the fun and playful designs trace the whimsical universe of the two main characters.

Tote Bad Dreams MM Adam - Canvas - Indigo_LR

On one hand, there is Ulysse, the human. On the other, the monster Adam (a play on “à dents”, French for “with teeth”).

Every morning, Ulysse has breakfast at Carette and then walks in the Tuileries gardens where he contemplates his favourite statue, Antonin Carles’ “Return from the Hunt”. Strolling along the arcades leading to his destination, he senses a presence behind him. Turning around quickly, he sees a little creature; it is an Adam with a bag held between his paws. He had heard stories about these monsters that lived in the Carrousel du Louvre, monsters with sharp teeth and a highly developed taste for culture.

Adam hands the bag to Ulysse and when he opens it, to his great surprise he finds himself transported to the Carnavalet museum before the portrait of Franz Liszt, his favourite pianist. Adam has handed him a bag with magical powers; with it he can teleport himself to any work of art in Paris in the blink of an eye! A discovery that Ulysse will make good use of…


Inspired by Bouelle’s little brothers and their games, the series of OH! tote bags, pouches and silk scarves chronicles around the two monster-friends as they make an imaginative voyage to Paris, rediscovering the beautiful city with a magical lens and traipsing between dreams and nightmares, space and dimensions. 

Pouch Bad Dreams GM Adam - Canvas - Carbone_lr

Available in metallic bronze, madder and indigo colours, and in two sizes for the Bad Dreams pouches; one for tablet and documents (GM: 35 x 25cm) and a smaller one (MM: 24 x 17cm) for carrying daily essentials, the iconic Initial canvas from the brand serves as the backdrop for the illustrations. 

Hand screened individually, each piece is meticulously finished with leather binding with no visible seams, along with fine leather piping at the bottom, exuding refinement and elegance. 


The Bad Dreams collection will be launched in January 2019, and will be available at MOYNAT boutiques in Takashimaya Shopping Centre/The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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