INTERVIEW: London College of Fashion Graduate Ellie Sweeney tops the game with unconventional textile approach in ‘Insane in the Membrane’

London College of Fashion graduate Ellie Sweeney’s ‘Insane in the membrane’ focuses largely on textiles, where she is being driven by one of the most uncanny source of inspiration; the asylum, which some calls it the mad house or the home of the lunatics.

Check out our interview as we catch up with her!

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Jun Takahashi designs sportswear with a stylish take in Nike x Undercover Gyakusou S/S 2013

One might never contemplate that donning on sportswear as the first interpretation of a stylish and trendy outfit or look, but it seems that Japanese fashion designer, Jun Takahashi (of Undercover label)’s latest collaboration with sportswear maker Nike in the latest Nike x Undercover Gyakusou S/S 2013 collection clearly proves that is possible. Before you think…

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