The Bank Art Fair has introduced a new host of artworks to Singapore for the second time around – in an unique room-to-room experience. Artworks from both new and established artists were thoughtfully culled from 56 galleries and 15 countries, and made to converge at Pan Pacific Singapore last weekend, taking up temporary residence in their respective rooms … Continue reading

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News: Acclaimed artist Wu Qiong presents Post-pop and Neo Cartoons Artworks at Here and Now Exhibition in Singapore

Pure, simple and true by Wu Qiong, oil on canvas Amidst our busy and fast-paced lifestyles, isn’t it just blissful to have a day off, where you can head down to the beach, take carefree, breezy strolls and enjoy a bicycle ride with your love one whilst relishing in the stunning view of the sunset?  You … Continue reading


Leather Forever by Hermès Exhibition travels to Singapore

    You’d be familiar with Hermès Kelly bag, having modelled after Hollywood’s most precious princess, Grace Kelly, who has been the not-so-unofficial muse behind the bag. In fact, you’d probably even count the Birkin bag as your perfect carry-all bag, while pairing the smaller-sized Constance bag with your stylish weekend ensembles.  Whether you’re looking for trendy or classic styles, … Continue reading


Best Moments from Vietnam International Fashion Week 2015

  Held in Gem Center in Ho Chi Minh City for the second time, the recently-concluded Vietnam International Fashion Week 2015 organised by FIDé Fashion Weeks and Multimedia JSC presented some of the most iconic moments in the history of fashion in Vietnam, by upping the levels of showmanship as well as craftsmanship of both the international … Continue reading


Unfamiliar Familiarity: A Discourse on the Surgically-Perfect with Mexican Artist Gildo Medina

Mexican artist Gildo Medina creates a new dialogue for the world of surgically-perfect by making the familiar unfamiliar and unfamiliar familiar Considered as one of the most successful and important illustrators from around the globe by TASCHEN in the last edition of 100 illustrators, Mexico-born Gildo Medina is an international award-winning artist and photographer whose … Continue reading


NEWS: Coach Wisma Atria Flagship Store in Singapore Reopens with a Bang!

There have been many talks about Coach Wisma Atria in the days leading to its reopening party and ceremony last night. For one, Korean-American star Jay Park was set to be gracing the event, and that was enough to make many fan girls hyped up over the arrival of their favourite celebrity – proven by … Continue reading


ONES TO WATCH: Dialogue with Melbourne-based fashion photographer Jiajia Tan

Sometimes you discover about the best things by accident. I often do. Especially so in the case of young and rising Singaporean fashion photographer Jiajia Tan, who is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  For starters, I have always had a faint recollection of her name and her face, having been in the same course and school as … Continue reading


NEWS: Singaporean artist Y/X Launches ‘Light and Brilliance’ Exhibition at Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore

In line with the nation’s Jubilee birthday, Singaporean artist Y/X (real name: Chua Koon Beng) has just launched “光宗耀祖” (Light and Brilliance) – a public exhibition named after a Chinese idiom – at the atrium of Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.    Above: Every Drop Counts (一滴都不能少) The nine days long solo exhibition will see the fruition of his five-year … Continue reading

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