Will be visiting the exciting capital of China from today onwards.

And I really love this website: STYLITES, a Beijing version of the famed The Sartorialist and Yvan Rodic’s FaceHunter, of stylish peeps from the beautiful and inspiring land & streets of Beijing .

Inspired from the land with the most pagoda roofs, Nels Frye; the founder of Stylites as well as the Managing Director of Senli and Frye (a menswear and tailoring boutique in Beijing) snaps and puts together collage of stylish and somewhat-quirky dressing of Beijing-ers. Amongst those who are featured include designers, artists, models, and even, ordinary peeps (even the most uncanny uncle) who are dressed up for the day from special events to outdoor festivals, or as the genre is called, along the streets.

Walking down Changan Avenue one night in 2007, I saw an unusual hobo whose face and manner somehow reminded me of Christ.  He had a mustache, a staff, Adidas-like trainers, and a checked wool coat.  I took a snap of this odd fellow and put it on Stylites, then my blog for random, often morbid, reflections.

– Nels Frye on how his blog came along

Even Chinese Supermodel Du Juan was spotted here in a metallic sheen top in Stylites!

An interesting color-block experiment

What an awesome website that shows you that Beijing isn’t just a country with many beautiful traditional knacks and sceneries, it is also one with many stylish individuals with sartorial taste & threads.

See you in one week’s time and time to put on my sartorial blazers for the chilly weather ahead.

Ciao & Zai Jian (goodbye in Chinese).

All photos in this post are taken from Stylites Beijing : http://www.stylites.net/

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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