If you’re looking for cool, dramatic sunglasses, or just love collecting funky sunglasses, you’re certainly in for a big treat!

This season, renowned London designer Henry Holland, who is widely known for his bold, ’80s-inspired t-shirts with tongue-in-chic catchphrases (“I’ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss” is one of them – our favourite one to date!), as well as being synonymous for his role in advocating pop culture fashion, is here to raise a bar with this exclusive range of sunglasses!

Henry Holland on collaborating with Le Specs


The collaboration between Henry Holland and Le Specs, an Australian fashion-forward eyewear brand, whose iconic style is provocative and distinctive, is a limited edition collection of unisex sunglasses, which are undoubtedly true to his unique sense of fun, attitude and culture!


With kooky names like ‘CIRCLE THE MESH’, ‘HOODIES’, ‘MUFFIN TOPS’ and ‘MONO BROW’, interesting tortoiseshell goggles, and a protruding shelter for the eye, we have no qualms in saying that these sunglasses would protect your peepers with extreme style.

For the record, we are proud owners of the over-sized ‘Mono Brow’. Can’t wait to rock in it soon! 


If you like this collection as much as we do, you can get them from: Define Happiness Sunglass Shop (Haji Lane), The Society of Black Sheep (Marina Bay Sands), Antipodean (Holland Village), as well as ERIIN.com (coming soon)

For more information, visit http://www.lespecs.com.au/#/henryholland/



Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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