In our pursuit of life, we have so often looked to higher grounds or planes for inspirations, delving deeply into imaginary concepts or even surrealistic methods to come up with the finest, most innovative idea in the world, yet forsaking the well-diversified surroundings we have around us.

But not for Rayan Odyll, a young designer from Germany, who has charmed us again and again with his designs for his brand ODYLLSTUDIOS.

Known for his ingenious approach in prints, Rayan’s collections of ‘sophisticated streetwear with an edge’ are clearly powerful combinations of imageries, both familiar and surrealistic that are thought of in a storytelling manner that merged between the idea of experimentation and exploration.

“ I love the diversity of fashion. I want to create must-have pieces.” – Rayan Odyll


This is especially so in his usage of some of the most luxurious fabrics, namely silk, cotton and wool, which were all made by hand, as well as a design aesthetic that pinnacles on the concept of contemporary fashion styles, that are freshly wearable and artistic.

The result is definitely beyond words and are clearly evident in the many mini-collections he churn out per season, heightening on his edge in creating prints from animal prints all the way to galaxy and even, monochromatic artsy prints.

But for this season, we are undoubtedly in love with his ‘Cultural Limbo‘ mini-collection from his latest season, where his flair for prints took on a role in multi-tone layering of floral prints against polkadots and ‘abstracted childhood memories’.

Inspired by both mixes of  Oriental and European cultures, the collection of clothes and jewellery is built on the essence of infusing multi-culturalism that fills in the void of today’s society where some races whose fight for equal rights and opportunities were either being ignored or being regarded as unimportant.

With directives of his noble cause in this issue, Rayan has cleverly employed a mish-mash of playful shapes, colours, patterns and elements into one seemingly seamless picture, to symbolise the combining of many races into one whole, that is evidently distinguished by a varied usage of materials and detailings in these wild and invigoratingly exotic prints.


The collection also feature an immense mix of shapes and silhouettes, from peplums to waisted shapes to contrasting pockets, collars and a mastery infusion of exquisite embroidery, and of course, the beautiful addition of silk turbans and crystal jewellery that were created in collaboration with Seelenstuck’ by Lisa Eppel which harmonise greatly with the explosion of prints.

To top it off, Swarovski Elements crystals and japanese precision beads were also added for that sparkling effect.


It’s really hard not to be awe-strucked by this collection that mirrors class, sophistication with artistic influences so beauteously, and to fall in love with this label of his. If his collection ‘makes you want, makes you wear’ as his brand slogan goes, check out and shop the rest of his mini-collections for this season, that somehow unfold like a story in the most exciting manner.

Indeed a designer to keep under your radar!


Odyllstudios is stocked in selected stockists such as The Shit Shop in Berlin.

Visit for more information.

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

One thought on “German designer Rayan Odyll charms and excites with his ‘Cultural Limbo’ Collection

  1. The variety of silhouette exhibited in this collection is stunning. I love every beautiful detail included in the outfits: from the collars to necklaces. What a talented designer!


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