Popular retail fashion outlet H&M previews its Spring collection 2014 not too long ago, and we at Couture Troopers are stoked to review their their trendy new collection! 

What is the right city attitude? Ladies, we have no idea. But we are sure that H&M has got it down to a capital T.

This season, bohemian tumbles into the arms of urban style, showing us that it is possible to be both fun AND personal!

H&M Spring 2014

Some key looks here are faux fur waistcoat, tassel top, patchwork leather and suede jacket that bump up those spring vibes by at least a few notches. Or should we say: strut down the streets in these suede leggings and frilly blouse, and march proudly to the beat of 2014.

The new year is almost here: Girls, embrace your inner fashionista!

H&M Spring 2014

As for the men, fret not, because H&M has something for you too!

Casual wear goes smart and suiting goes crisp, so goodbye to the cold, drab colours of winter and helloooooo 2014, year of the FIFA World Cup and more-new-fashion-surprises.

To note, here is H&M’s very new and very spunky sportswear-inspired collection (below, left), merging both tailoring and sportswear. Fashion and function? Absolutely. 

H&M Spring 2014


So, with all that we’ve said here: are you ready H&M fans? Because fashion for the new year looks like it’s in for a jolly good time.

The new Spring 2014 collection (for men and women) will be available in all stores on 6 March 2014.

Be sure to keep a constant lookout on exciting updates on our Facebook page as the new year rolls by. 

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