It’s the attack of the Kooky Monstas, the revenge of the Extremely Colourful and Graphic Explosion for Spring 2012!!!

Here are spring’s most-wanted shoes and bags and even more kooky things to look at from KTZ  Spring/Summer 2012 collection & Jeremy Scott Spring 2012 RTW collection!

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KTZ’s inspiration: “We love Africa; KTZ has always been about a tribe of people who think a little differently – we love the African expression of colour and the passion of the people. The spring/summer 2012 collection for KTZ is all about high-energy, bold pieces with colourful, tribal influences.”

Jeremy Scott’s inspiration: “Farm-fresh fun. I was thinking of the iconography of films and television of the farm and farm life, and the beauty who doesn’t know she’s so gorgeous but has an outrageous figure. She wears a potato sack…but [I made] the potato sack now into a metal mesh so it’s sinewy and sexy.”

Posted by:Trooper Doo

I'm a web/graphic designer who loves fashion but doesn't necessarily know much about it but i love what i love ; clashing prints, neon colors, sequins, spikes and other quirkiness or kookiness side of fashion.

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