Last Thursday, we were invited to view the art, as well as meet the artist Ian Davenport himself at the Art Plural Gallery where his exhibition is currently being held at.

Ian Davenport, for one, is one artist that pushes the borders of contemporary art by taking an unconventional painting approach onto his canvas.

In this exhibition, he ingeniously creates artworks from controlling the pressure of paint upon applying onto surface by using an industrial syringe.With each application of colours, he allows the paint to river down the surface and collect as in a puddle on the bottom, creating a marble look.

Davenport shared that painting in his point of view is rather paradox. In painting, one predicts the end result of work. However, accidents still happens and he sees it as a chance, an organic beauty which making his every art pieces one of a kind. In other words, expect the unexpected.

Davenport choreographs his painting by starting on a smaller scale where he experiments with colour sequence and width to see if it harmonize as a whole piece. His colour palettes are usually based on intuition, other artist painting references or his surroundings.

Most recently, he created a painting out of the opening music of the popular animated series, The Simpsons.

Ian Davenport personally explains his pieces: Puddle Painting: Small Ultramarine (After Van Gogh)

Puddle Painting Black (After Le Corbusier), 2010

Puddle Painting Prime ll

Guardsman Red Study No. 2, 2008

Ian Davenport is currently exhibiting his first solo exhibition in Singapore at Art Plural Gallery from 11th May to 7th July, 2012. I highly recommend readers to drop by to indulge in this visual therapy.

Exhibition Details:

Art Plural Gallery
38 Armenian Street, Singapore 179942
Monday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm

For more images and information regarding Ian Davenport’s work and his exhibition, refer to the link below.

Photo credits to Art Plural Gallery

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