If I were to describe the ZAC POSEN‘s collection at Audi Fashion Festival 2012 in two words, it would be Stunning & Origami!

Zac Posen truly went all out with his strikingly impressive, red carpet-ready gowns. The sights of each gown, as it moves on the stage, were moments of glorious drama.



Riding the eastern and asian current, Zac Posen clearly referenced the kimono fabrics with the abstract  flower and oriental motifs which glistened under the bright lights. It was fireworks-awesome! Origami also played a huge visual part in the collection, especially the breathtaking red gown which walked the runway as the finale.

Truly extraordinary!



Photography by: Zureena W.

Posted by:Trooper Doo

I'm a web/graphic designer who loves fashion but doesn't necessarily know much about it but i love what i love ; clashing prints, neon colors, sequins, spikes and other quirkiness or kookiness side of fashion.

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