It is definitely not uncommon to hear people saying “While you are still young, make a name for yourself and achieve your goals”, setting us in a pursue of achieving something great before a certain age. For being young is like a treasure, a permit that entitles you to take risks without being constrained to consequences that would hold the more mature responsible, it is definitely the high time to be free and to explore every depths of possibilities that the world has to offer.

And that is precisely why, 10/10 by Sup Suphanut, one of our favourite menswear designer brand from Thailand, has coined his latest collection “Only Young Once”, all set in the notion of being fearlessness in youth, through clothing.

You are ONLY YOUNG ONCE, and if you work it right, once is enough. Joe E. Lewis

This season, Sup Suphanut, who has worked previously with London base designers Jean-Pierre Braganza and Yuko Yoshitake during his BA degree studies in menswear design at London College of Fashion, has set forth his 3rd collection in a rejuvenating direction, like all his previous collections for his brand, that is, to present modern styles with uniquely intricate detailing like none other.

The collection, which is all about expressing oneself loudly with one’s own voice and style with the young wearer in mind, be it through thoughts, words, actions and even one’s dressing, has a strong inclination to avant garde and streetwear silhouettes that are definitely true representations of defining oneself with a distinct style in dressing.

More so, each piece from the collection is so heavily-cued with surprise details such as folds, cuts and drapes in various placements on the clothes, it’s almost like adorning on an outfit that holds a story filled with unexpected twists and plots. In some ways or so, these details also depict and mirror the unexpected personality of the human character, whilst multiplying it.

I really love the distinct styles of the collection, especially those impeccably refined shirts with precise-cut triangular pockets in the fashion of colour-blocking, the cape-like jackets with numerous numbers of pointed lapels and did I even mention, that full-on metallic sheen suit? And I may have said this before, but I’m saying it again: if I’m a man, I’ll definitely wear this collection anytime of the day!

So that’s it fashionistos, you’ve heard it here: You’re only young once, so celebrate your youth with these exquisite, bold staple pieces from 10/10 by Suphanut (And it’ll be the most right thing to do)


10/10 by Sup Suphanut is available at THREE (SIAM PARAGON 2nd Floor), Mathematic (Siam Center 3rd Floor), Capital Zen at Central World 1st floor, as well as

Explore 10/10 on the brand’s facebook page

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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