This month, we have with us this talented Thai bags and accessories designer, Mr Navapon Chottanasincahroen also known as Hob with his fashionable and artist label Hob Shop as our Designer of the Month!

The label, which is widely known for his handmade leather products with his iconic eccentric neon colours and textures, has an impressive league of cult followers and fans to-date, which include celebritites such as Gossip Girl actress, Jessica Szohr, who was seen spotting a HOB clutch bag!

Started out as a humble store owner in the night market, Hob Shop became an official brand in 2007. Now, the label has branched out into 4 stores in Bangkok and stock with other agents overseas such as Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa and even Japan!

I’ve instantly fallen in love with this brand a year back when i visited the Jatujak weekend market with my family. I told myself that I must have one of these. I have been flaunting my gold reptile inspired leather clutch ever since. Recently, I’ve even lured our all-time-favorite editor, Jessica, into owning one of the clutches. So stoked!

And we have HOB, the designer himself in the house to share with us his inspirations and thoughts. Okay, so let’s get the interview rolling~


Hi Hob, what inspired you to start up your label HOB?

Hob: Actually, Hob is my nickname and I want people to remember me so that’s why I name my stuffs as my name. I have no specific inspirations, but it was when I first started making the leather bracelets to sell in the night market, people loved my designs, so that actually keeps me going and to design more stuffs like watches and bags.


We really love your neon leather skin designs range from paint splatter to other unique prints like brush imprint, stripes, crocodile skin texture and even polka dots! How is your next collection going to be like?

Hob: Since the neon colored range, I have been making them for 5 years over and over, non-stop even for the next collection. Now I am doing softer colous, say pastel colors which are more sweet. It’s really not me, but the mood of rainy season here in Thailand inspires me to do this.

I’ve noticed that you gave your products a name each, so how do you come up with these unique names?

Hob: Actually it’s not that special, but once I take a look at it , the first word that comes into my mind becomes the name of each product in the collection.


Since you’re doing bags and accessories, do you have any favorite labels in the same field?

Hob: Yes I have, but they are a lot more better than mine, they are legend. Let’s say they are a goal for me to achieve. I’ll have to say my favourite brand is Chanel.


Who is your muse?

Hob: Coco Chanel!


Apart from your label, what are your hobbies?

Hob: Playing guitar , house decorating and, does shopping counts? 


Any inspiring websites/ books/ magazine/ places that you visit at the moment?

Hob: I have to say I never look at the magazine or fashion blog to inspire me, most of the designs came out before I wake up , but the places I’ve been to also inspire me a lot in terms of the shop decoration, or just to improve the look of my shop. I like the decoration of LV shop, as I studied marketing, I never realized that the store decoration effects the buyers until I am a customer.


If you were to design a bag for Couture Troopers, how will it be like?

Hob: The texture must be made of black shiny PVC and decorated with shiny gold metal studs and spikes


Any last words for inspiring bags and accessories designers out there?

Hob: Use your inner inspiration, if you look at the others design to inspire your work, you will never get your original design.


There you have it, a great interview chat with Hob himself.

For those who feels that the current collection is a little bit too bold for your taste, stay tuned for Hob Shop’s upcoming pastel collection – one to die for this month!


Of course, if you are in Thailand, do remember to check out his label, which is available at:

1. jatujak weekend market , section 16 soi 3
2. jatujak weekend market , section 22 soi 3
3. Terminal 21 shopping mall , 3rd Floor
4 . Asiatique night market
HOB is also available in Singapore at KAMS, Threadbare & Squirrel and selected designs at Quainthood.
For more information and latest news of Hob shop products, do check out their facebook page.
Posted by:Felly Loi

A creative individual who seeks inspiration from the intersection of art and fashion. She is a storyteller armed with compelling narratives and a handy camera to capture the moments.

2 replies on “EXCLUSIVE: Fashion statement bags and accessories from Thai designer label, HOB SHOP!

  1. These accessories and bags are gorgeous! I love all the beautiful, eye-popping colors. Lovely interview; the designer is so talented.

    xoxo, Meera

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