As time progresses to the premiere of Asia’s Next Top Model on November 4, 2012, we have with us none other than Canadian-born fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler, who will be shooting the pretty faces on the upcoming television reality show, as well as judging their struts on the panel of judges.

Renowned for his supreme photography skills, Todd who is a model-turned-photographer has been all traveling all around the world and has been based in Asia for 20 years, more specifically in Shanghai, China where his studio is. He is well-known for his love in shooting Asian models.



To date, he has worked with some of China’s rising fashion stars including models Fei Fei Sun, Kiki Kang and even Liu Wen, all of whom are garnering great hype for their exotic and unique looks.

Throughout his decade in China, he has also shot for major fashion publications such as Vogue China, Elle China, Harper’s Bazaar China and many others thus sealing his love and belief for Asia’s role in the world of fashion.

‘Hot in Lace’ editorial spread by Todd Anthony Tyler

Todd Anthony Tyler shoots China model Fei Fei Sun


And now as the photographer and judge of Asia’s Next Top Model, we will nevertheless be seeing him as he brings forth and inject his well-diversified fashion experience into the show, spicing up the modeling competition variety show, alongside fellow judges from the panel including fashion director Daniel Boey, model mentor Joey Mead King (Cosmopolitan Philippines TV Host) and runway walk coach Adam Williams, who is also the choreographer and catwalk coach of Australian’s Next Top Model.

As a former model himself, we will also see Todd relating his behind the camera experiences, as well as his experience being in front of this camera to these girls.

And together, the show, which will be hosted by model Nadya Hutagalung, will also see Todd as he displays his approach and personal style in his photography- of which tends to be a bit raw, with minimal retouching done as possible or even none, just straight out of his camera which he counts himself as an advocate of.

Of course, to get to know more, we got to speak to Todd about his photography, some highlights on what’s to come on the upcoming Asia’s ANTM as well as his thoughts on China vs. the four fashion capitals, all in this interview of ours!


COUTURE TROOPERS: Hi Todd, tell us more about your role as the photographer of Asia’s Next Top Model and what does it mean to you?

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: For over a decade, I have operated a successful studio in Shanghai, China, becoming one of the most sought-after contemporary photographers in Asia as well as worldwide.

As a former model turned photographer, I am thrilled to bring 20 years of experience on both sides of the camera to the judging panel. Being part of the talented cast of judges for ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ is a true honor as a creative. It is important to promote diverse looks in fashion. For the first time, Tyra Banks’ franchise will bring together young women that encompass the rich beauty and nuances of all


PRETTY IN PRINTS editorial spread for Prestige Indonesia July 2012


COUTURE TROOPERS: As a fashion photographer, what are some of the most important factors when you are doing a fashion shoot? 

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: There is team dynamic to fashion and photo shoot production. Having strong team of creatives – stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist, photo assistants, art director – is key to producing a high-level shoot.

It is also important to have a clear vision/direction for the images. You want to produce shots that tell a story, and If you’re shooting on location you have to incorporate the backdrop into that as well. Ultimately, using a model that gives great expressions and movements is what makes the photography memorable.

Todd Anthony Tyler shoots for Fantastics Magazine


COUTURE TROOPERS: To date, you’ve shot for quite a number of Asian models including Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun & Kiki Kang. What is your take on the rise of Asian models, why are many fashion brands choosing to use Asian models over European models in their campaign ads? 

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: You cannot ignore that the rise of the Asian models is in part a reflection of the global economy and projected trends to come in consumption of designer goods. Once you get past economic drivers, I think the decision to feature Asian models also comes from the fact that the world continues to become a smaller place with rapid travel options and the immediacy of social media.

The greater variety of models we are seeing is a response to these realities. Asia is not so “far” away anymore.

Editorial spread ‘Inner Beauty’ shot of Chinese model Jin (Cal-Carries) in the Mongolia Desert for Destinasian magazine Oct/Nov 2010


COUTURE TROOPERS: You have worked in Asia, particularly China for quite a long time. What are your thoughts on the fashion scene in Asia, as compared to those in the fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan & New York?

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: The fashion scene in Asia is growing at a rapid rate, and especially in China. It just makes sense with such a young and developing market that there is major room for growth. The maturity of the scene is not quite, like what expect to see in fashion capitals like Paris, Milan or New York. It will take additional experience and nurturing of local design talent before the Chinese fashion scene really comes into its own.

There is no doubt that Shanghai and Beijing are gaining global credibility and soon both will be recognized fashion capitals. It is an extremely exciting and dynamic time in the Asian fashion industry on a whole.

Todd Anthony Tyler shoots Miao for Asian Photography Cover and Editorial Spread (India Edition)


COUTURE TROOPERS: What is the most memorable experience that you had during your fashion shoots? 

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: I have had the opportunity to shoot and work with some of the biggest Asian models in the world. From Liu Wen to Fei Fei Sun, to Kiki Kang to Amber Xu, these talented women give meaning to ‘models as muses’.

Model Amber Xu in Fantasticsmag by Todd Anthony Tyler


COUTURE TROOPERS: What can we foresee in the premier cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model?

TODD ANTHONY TYLER: On the premiere cycle of AsiasNTM, you are certainly going to have some surprises and perhaps feel compelled to blurt out “no way!” a few times.

I think the show will be a nice blend of entertainment and yet an opportunity to learn a thing to two about being a model and some facts about the fashion industry itself.

So while we countdown to the premiere of Asia’s Next Top Model, here’s a video where Todd Anthony Tyler talks more about his time on the show and his photography. Enjoy!


Catch The Asia’s Next Top Model reality show on the Star World Channel on November 4, 2012.

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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