Menswear has generally been restricted in its form of design varieties and production as compared to women’s wear.

It appears as if women’s wear is the only gender to have all the fun in dressing.

However, menswear designer, Alina Jumabhoy proves the ladies wrong.

Up-and-coming London-based designer, Alina Jumabhoy presents her debut collection, ‘DE-CROWNED’.

The story as it goes…

“Deep within the forests of a hidden land, near Japan, there lived a banished king. Forced to pay for his evil ways, the king faced the wilderness for seven years, his daily fight for survival pushing his mind to the brink of insanity. His primal instincts flourished as his human intelligence diminished, leaving him to return to society with the mind of a beast and the heart of a boy…”


With a collection of 11 looks, Alina showed the definition of fashion defining a man of empowerment by translating the strong personality into designs and fabric. This collection hopes to inspire and liberate the restrictive expectation of menswear.

With De-crowned, the label sets new standards for a lifestyle brand in providing a new generation of luxury menswear clothing with their innovative and playful designs.

Here are some of our favorite picks!

A beautifully draped jersey vested look that is versatile for all occasions! Love the length of it.

A deep red shirt with contrasting collars and pocket is a unique alternative take on the men’s shirt

Loving the relaxed silhouette of this blazer

The playful take on the draped top, with asymmetrical hem line and a one-of-a-kind waisted shorts

If you love what you see, view her entire collection at:
Posted by:Felly Loi

A creative individual who seeks inspiration from the intersection of art and fashion. She is a storyteller armed with compelling narratives and a handy camera to capture the moments.


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