Coco Chanel once said: “It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” and the first accessories label that pop up in my mind are talented French accessories designers Christian and Julien with their label, Kriss & Jules.

These talented duo designed such a versatile label that is suitable for all genders and ages and at the same time, close to the oriental roots of Asia.

Started back four years ago, the brothers plunge into the fashion accessories with great inspirations drawn from the Balinese culture and craft, especially with their excellent craftsmanship and eye for details.

Every materials used in creating a piece is of high quality, unique and precious, providing absolute exclusivity to the wearer. Also, each bracelet has its specific source of inspiration story behind. I highly recommend this as a special gift for your love ones. The images used in this article are from Kriss & Jules ‘s Winter13 Classic and Exclusive look book.

And there is simply no better way in understanding the ideas behind this label, as we get an exclusive interview with this brothers 😉

Hi Christian and Julien! We are very delighted to have you guys as the Designer Of The Month! Tell us a little about yourselves.

Christian: Hi COUTURETROOPERS, thank you for having us. We are really thrilled of being the Designers of the Month! 

Julien: What can I say about me, I’m Julien 21 years old and was born in Paris. I moved to Singapore last year to pursue my academic career in Fine Arts and with the designing of our label Kriss and Jules.

Christian: I’m Christian, 23 the managing side of Kriss and Jules and the head of marketing of, a new online travel guide. I graduated from university in Germany this year and am looking forward of expanding our brand throughout Asia next to my professional career in Singapore.


So, how did your interest for jewelry design begin?

Julien: Our interest in jewelry design began 5 years ago on the beautiful island of Bali, we first wanted to make some bracelets for friends and family but thanks to their great support we started expanding the brand. 

Christian: In fact, jewelry has been around us since always because of our family. They would always wear a piece matching their outfit to any occasion and therefore throughout the years we got aware of it’s real beauty and effects on people. Thanks to Julien’s and our Mothers creativity we decided that we need to share our designs.


Where do you get your inspirations from? Any particular jewelry designers you look up to or aspire to be?

Christian: Our Inspiration doesn’t really come from a certain designer but more from our surrounding and from the Asian culture. Julien likes to observe a lot and we are big enthusiasts of symbols coming from different cultures, that’s why behind every bracelet there lies a specific story which we would like to share with our supporters. for example the frog represents luck,
the skull – life,

or the Buddha – peace.


How would you describe the style of your label? Who is it designed for?

Christian: Quality and Design is a very important aspect in our brand, that’s why every piece is handcrafted with the best materials we can find, which makes every piece unique. Therefore, our idea is to create a world between traditional jewelry which isn’t always affordable and fashion accessories that can be found everywhere. Our so called Pert-À-Porter for Jewelry..  In that way everybody from young to old, from women to men who will be wearing a piece from Kriss and Jules, will know that he invested in a unique piece made with the most elegant and finest products that this world provides us with.  


What are some of the materials you love to work and create with?

Julien: Definitely Silver! Since we want to create qualitative products that can be kept forever, sterling silver is a great metal to work with. Its in the middle of Gold and steel, and gives us the ability to create beautiful models with it. 

Christian: Other Materials we like to work with are semi-precious stones like Diamonds, Tourmaline, Sapphires, Rubies, Onyx or Jade. These are incredible stones which can be formed in the way we want them and hide mystical meanings. The mix with silver or gold-plated silver looks stunning.


What can we expect from your new season collection? also, what are the must look out for pieces?

Julien: We prefer to make the launching event a surprise but we can say that its going to be quite golden 😉


How can we match Kriss & Jules with our wardrobe?

Christian: That’s the cool thing behind our designs, it can be worn for any occasion during the day or even during a long night out. You can combine it with a chilled wardrobe like jeans and t-shirts or while wearing a suit or a gown. It’s for everybody, you just need the courage to wear it. There comes our quote Be Yourself and Stay Precious 😉


Aside from designing and making jewelry, what are you guys up to recently?

Julien: I am currently studying fine arts at Lasalle College of the arts and the ambassador to Bali for the online travel guide

Christian: Having graduated from university, I’m starting an internship for the German airline Lufthansa at their corporate office in Singapore and managing the marketing department of 


What can we expect from Kriss and Jules in the near future?

Julien & Christian: Continue the way we are making things work until now and keep enriching beautiful wrists throughout the world.


For further inquires and first hand news from the label, check out:




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