“Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Such is very true about New York rising shoe designer OBI Cymatica, whose shoe designs are edged between the line of glamour, sophistication in innovative and sleek cuts.

Having grown up in Nigeria and moving to New York at the age of 16, this talented individual is truly a creative force to be reckon with, for he has illustrated designs for BCBG, designed for luxury fashion powerhouses, the great Oscar De La Renta and even for Jimmy Choo.

OBI Cymatica

And at the same time, he has designed for Kai Milla, the ex-wife of Stevie Wonder and has also dabbled with clothes designing when he interned for the store of renowned New York stylist Patricia Field. He also counts his greatest influences as John Galliano for his artistic ability.


Shoes illustrations by OBI Cymatica (from his Instagram account which he updates very regularly)


This season, his impeccable drive and gifted ability to create and craft shoes for the everyday women has led him to create his very own self-titled label of shoes, OBI Cymatica.

Weaving in wafts of sensibility-meets-fantasy in design, his latest Fall 2013 collection is encapsulated by an entourage of sleek, classy shoes that are crafted in the silhouettes of towering heels, as well as clogged shoes, boots and slingbacks in beautiful materials of leather, suede and even croc skin. 


Not only does these beautiful shoes gravitate us to sky high, they also sit perfectly in the essence of practicality and are none too extravagant nor over-the-top. They are shoes that are so versatile to be worn in all season at any time of the day –  be it day or night or even day to night. Plus they are aptly suitable for both casual or dressed up looks with his classy designs as well as the more edgy ones.

A blessing packed in a shoe for all women, we would say. Especially for those of us who are always so vexed for not being able to find the perfect shoes that are comfortable yet fashionable at the same time, we are truly in utter bliss. 

And as we stand in awe of these gorgeous shoes, we spoke to the talented man himself on some of the challenges he has faced whilst conceptualising the collection as well as his ideas towards shoes:


Hi Obi, it is really nice to be talking to you. You’ve certainly come a long way from interning as well as having worked for some of the biggest fashion names. And now you have your own shoe label which you have just launched, share with us some of the best highlights during your time.

OBI: “SEEING my name on a shoes has being the bigger thing for me..And of course, seeing what I’ve pictured in my head come to life is simply the greatest highlight.”

Describe the ‘Obi Cymatica’ woman and your new collection. 

OBI: “The OBI woman is a typical working, New York woman. She’s aged between 21 – 67 years old. She works, play, and can be a mother, a boss or even an intern… she is EVERY WOMAN.”

Whilst designing the shoes, what inspires you? 

OBI: “Music. It really give me a voice to design what I am feeling inside and out. I need music to design anything.”


OBI Cymatica

Name a shoe designer(s) whom you are inspired by.

OBI:“MANOLO BLAHNIK. He really changed my way in thinking, in which “Art first, everything second.”


What is the perfect outfit to match with Obi Cymatica shoes?  

OBI:“Personal style is personal style…It can be mated with basic jeans, to a skirt, everything. Like I’ve said, pair it up with any and everything – that’s my goal.”

What are some of the challenges which you have faced so far? (with regards to design, clients etc)

OBI: “When starting up the brand, finding help has been hard as well as looking for buyers. But overall, these are fundamental in the shaping of the brand, and of course, to me as a designer.”

OBI Cymatica
According to reports, it has been claimed that the height of a woman’s heels do have some psychological effect on the way a woman feel sexy and confident about herself. In your opinion, what do you think should be an appropriate heel height? 

OBI: “I would say a 4 1/2 to 5 inch with no platform. A woman needs to feel like she is walking on cloud nine.”


If you could design for a celebrity, who would that be? 

OBI: “I would love to design for Zoe Saldana and also for my all time favourite, Angelina Jolie. I love Asian and Indian actresses and would love to design for them too!”


OBI Cymatica


How has living in New York play a part in influencing your designs? And if you were to be based in elsewhere in the world, where would be it and why? 

OBI: “I would love to be based in Hong Kong or Paris. If that doesn’t happen, I will stay here in New York. I actually love the women of New York City nightlife but I really don’t take inspiration from that. Music and movies are where I get my inspirations from.”


What can we see more from Obi Cymatica?

OBI: “My Fall collection, of course! And shoes made for every time of woman.”


The OBI Cymatica Fall 2013 collection is available for order  from the designer himself.

Check out the full collection at for your pick of his gorgeous shoes.

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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