Kim Minkyoung

“I don’t want to be special and unique.” -said no one ever. Whether you’re a hipster or not, we all think we have our own uniqueness. Be it eccentric, dull or normal, these are some of the traits we all think we have.

And because of that, it is basically impossible to isolate oneself from mainstream in this modern day, or have the notion that you are better than all other, since we all look like everyone else subconsciously.

Just like how in art and design, we are a copy of someone else or simply put, an “inspired” version.

The most simple senario being that fact that we often find ourselves stumbling upon celebrities and models we want to look like in magazines, on television as well as on the internet. We would change our hairstyle, the color of our hairs, the clothes that we wear, but at the end of the day in this modern world, we all look like each other – nothing too extraordinary. But hey, there is no harm having fun changing our looks and making our life look like a runway! Somehow, in one way or another, we all want to have a taste of  the 15 minutes of fame.

And it’s no wonder, the exhibition Camouflage: The Hidden Beauty by South Korean Artist Kim Minkyoung brings up the inquiry on one’s own identity within her mixed-media reinterpretation of modern-day people who lives on continuously changing their images with exaggeration and camouflage.

Kim Minkyoung

Kim Minkyoung

Using playful, brightly colored hair and masks from molded plastic and fabric to adorn her gray expressionless figure, Kim attempts to comment on the different ways in which we portray ourselves in different situations while playing the games of modern society.

I like how the artist, Kim Minkyoung uses fun colors, unconventional shapes, patterns and pop-up 3d effects in the artworks. It is totally eye catching and would definitely buy all the artworks for my colorful themed mansion if i were a millionaire. And it would great if there is a male version of the artworks too!

Kim Minkyoung

Kim Minkyoung

Kim Minkyoung

Kim Minkyoung

Since you still have time, make your day by visiting Kim Minkyoung’s Exhibition at Art Front Gallery,70 Stamford Road, Li Ka Shing Library, #B1-42, Singapore Management University today.

Exhibition runs from 5 April 2013 to 30 April 2013. Open to public, admission is free

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I'm a web/graphic designer who loves fashion but doesn't necessarily know much about it but i love what i love ; clashing prints, neon colors, sequins, spikes and other quirkiness or kookiness side of fashion.

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