We featured i.t way back in April at the launch of its flagship store (link) – the first one of its kind in Southeast Asia, right here in Singapore. Now i.t labels are back with their Fall / Winter Collection:  with smashing new designs and a whole new look, every label vies for our absolute attention.

This season, designers draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources – military, equestrian, street – at the same time, never losing their edge and style.


Check out the review below and pictures from the media preview we attended last week!



Which girl hasn’t once fantasised about growing up? b+ab’s Fashion Line Fall / Winter Collection themed TEA IN THE WOODS is cheeky, girly, and all at once fun.

Vivid animal prints, fantastic colour blocks and offbeat storytelling take centre stage, so reminiscent of the enduring appeal of Alice in Wonderland, and always retaining their charm and edge.


Building on this is its Jeans Line (bottom left), adopting duo themes of Ethnic Grunge and Monster Treasure Hunt with a look that is darker, grunge but ultra feminine.

We are a huge fan of the vibrant colors, vintage rose prints, patchwork and studded detailings, especially the use of texture to emulate the furriness of a monster character – too fun to miss out!



For a more subtle and chic look, look no further because the brand’s Rouge Collection (above right) offers exactly what you need.

Imbued with a more elegant style, with deep blues and blacks, the line revolves around the theme of the sea. And indeed the line itself, with its classic feminine Parisian styles, never strays too far from that simply, idyll beauty that has taken root and inspired poetry and romantic tales alike.




Particularly inspiring this season is izzue’s Women’s Collection — DEGAS FANTASIA —  getting back to the grooves of art history and drawing inspiration from French artist Edgar Degas. 

The collection reinterprets the artist’s most famous image of the ballet dancer with a modern and contemporary approach. The end result is a super fashionable and romantic mix of a minimalistic and edgy style coupled with izzue’s usual stylish and charismatic charm.

izzue mens

izzue’s Menswear Collection, on the other hand caters to a wide variety of style: street, utilitarian, you name it, featuring the themes of “BLACK GROOVE”, “NAVY OUTDOOR” and “SARTORIAL MILITARY”.

Its premium line IZZUE COLLECTION is a throwback to 1950s American architecture themed A BRUTALIST’S HOLIDAY (for the ladies) and URBAN HIGHLANDER (for the men) – durable, functional and for comfort, borrowing aesthetics from Scottish royalty.



Launched in 1998 as one of i.t’s house brands, 5cm continues its avant grade design philosophy till today. Slender, dark silhouettes mixed with grunge androgynous decadence pervades the brand image, and this season is no different.

For this collection, designers worked the spirit of Punk Couture into modern menswear, using textured fabrics such as horsehair, tweed and velvet. Trendy, innovative with echoes of high fashion; versatile but sophisticated, items such as the leather shirt, studded suit jacket and chino dress pants with leather trim would be perfect for your everyday work wear.



In comparison to other labels that i.t carries, fingercroxx stick outs like a sore thumb: the wayward child, the hoodlum, the skater rebel. Infusing pop culture details, clean-cut and light casual wear, fingercroxx is complete street. Its FW13 Menswear collection — NEW YORK CITY TRAVELER and ARMY TOURS — is rad: with popular forest camouflage prints getting an update this season, and designers creating a masculine and simplistic collection infused with army wear aesthetics.


For FW13 Girl, however, fingercroxx’s collection draws inspiration from classic cartoon The Addams Family. The collection is themed – no surprise! – THE ADDAMS. Basic black, white and grey are the main colour palette this season, with sharp hues such as fuchsia, green and purple also thrown into the mix.


Venilla suite


And of course, if you’re looking for shoes – do not fret! i.t’s first fashion accessories store, Venilla suite, caters to the new generation of fashionable office ladies, with comfort and style highly regarded as the centrepoint of its brand. This season, three themes adorn the Fall/Winter collection: GRUNGE GLAM, THE MISS SHARP and MOODY BLOOMS. We totally adore it!



Other brands also available at i.t: tout à coup, mysty woman, as know as de base and PAGEBOY




To visit i.t store, go to: 435 Orchard Road, #03-15, Wisma Atria, S238877



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