Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013

Everyone looks 2000 times better in a leather jacket; it’s science! And this is exactly why I love Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013 collections so much! 

Last Thursday, Spanish fashion brand Stradivarius boutique at Ion Orchard Singapore reopened with a totally new look.

Sporting a clean-slate, modern decor, bright lightings and a more spacious shop space for a welcoming feel and shopping experience, the brand hosted its own fashion show, unveiling the three essential collections for the season whilst demonstrating a more luxe feel that is deemed fitting for its new image. 

Generally fuelled by the extremely-outstanding trends of the season, and  these collections encompass of clothes that speak the language of urban, as well as the notion of being fresh, free, young and wild. 

Read our review below for a breakdown of the key looks from the three collections for this Fall/Winter 2013.  


The PUNK LEOPARD COLLECTION, in particular, is perfect for those who always have a repulsive need to be something more than human, where you’re basically like a rebel with a roar! Aside, the key must-have looks of the season that can be gathered from the collection are: Animal prints clothes mixed with red shades and leather rock jackets or skirts – all emitting a touch of chic and style. 

Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013

Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013


On the same note, we reckon that rebels do also need to go to school, and that is exactly what the REBEL COLLEGE COLLECTION is  all about; college and high school, topped with a pure grunge attitude.

After all, it is a fact that we all need a splash of ‘bad’ taste sometimes; no taste is what I am really against! So pile on those checkered print and basic items ; white shirt , line skirt and classic coat with buttons , and ta-da, what you get is a look fit for a rebel with a cause!


Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013

Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013

Also in school,  you would always spot sporty hunks roaming around the corridors of the school classrooms. Somehow, you would want to catch their attention. And perhaps, you even wish you could tell their parents; “I’m a big fan of your work”, or a type of sports activities you wished you’re not so lazy to do. 

Either way there is no harm in dressing up in sporty looks, even if you’re not exactly athletic material per se. And this is where the style and spirit of the SPORT MONOCHROME COLLECTION comes in. Contemporary yet sporty like an American urban sports team, some main elements include plush fabric, two-tone tank tops with number, baseball jackets.  We reckon that sporty baggy trousers and caps are the must-have items from the collection for this season!


Given the wild nature and streak of rebelliousness in all three collection, it is no wonder why I am incredibly drawn to Stradivarius’s newest offerings. Because life is too short to dress in a boring manner, so now is duly the time to experiment and have fun with your own repertoire.  

Prices range from $9.90 to $229.

Check out the newly renovated STRADIVARIUS BOUTIQUE at ION Orchard, #B2-15, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801 for your dose of fashion fun. For more information, visit

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I'm a web/graphic designer who loves fashion but doesn't necessarily know much about it but i love what i love ; clashing prints, neon colors, sequins, spikes and other quirkiness or kookiness side of fashion.

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