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SUBMISSION: Ambivalence of Androgyny by Fashion Photographer Felly Loi

Singapore-based fashion photographer Felly Loi is back with a compelling topic for her latest shoot: ‘Ambivalence of Androgyny’. Citing Grace Jones, Tilda Swinton and Elly Jackson (lead singer of electro-pop duo La Roux) as her muses, she hopes to translate the hybridity of the ‘new gender’.

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INTERVIEW: UK Designer Amber-Louise Snow Gives Couture a New Perspective with Eco-friendly Approach

  IT’S TRUE: The Haute Couture world has been sharply affected by the inflation of luxury and the severe lack of consumer’s appreciation for the “magic” of this specialised craft. For several years, the global fashion industry has been facing an ongoing debate on the value of couture, where some industry players pointed out that couture has…

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