Photos: May (Myanmar) via Asia’s Next Top Model Insiders

While the launch of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 last Wednesday marks the return of yet another season of top-tier modeling challenges on reality television, peppered by harsh critics and bitchy roommates, this week’s episode which aired on 16 March 2016 on StarWorld Asia focused solely on “the jump” – the one that sums or breaks it all. 


The situation was indeed dire for the girls ever since Thai model contestant Wanvisa Goldman aka Maya, a fiery-charactered woman who came in third place in Miss Universe Thailand 2013, was the first one to get booted out from the competition during the elimination for episode 1 – an unexpected move that no one anticipated – leaving many frustrated, demoralised and even disheartened.

Yet there is no time to waste as the girls were thrust into another difficult test – one that judges on their agility and balance. 

The models were required to showcase the outfits perfectly whilst having to show great control over their body in the photoshoot – one where they had to jump on a trampoline against the skyline as a backdrop.

Their competitive spirit and harmony were also questioned when one of the models was injured, thus threatening her place in the competition. It was indeed a survival of the fittest as those who were able to overcome their physical inhibitions found themselves at an advantage while those who were more timid were eventually overwhelmed and struggled under the challenging conditions.

Like always, what matters at the end of the day is what the judges have to say, and most of the time, their words aren’t so pleasing to the ear. 

“I need to see a model, not a frog.” 
– Model Mentor Kelly Tandiono on the photoshoot




The panel of judges for episode 2 include host Cindy Bishop (Thai-American supermodel who has graced the covers of numerous magazines including Vogue and Numero, and has starred in a handful of Thai drama series such as Gossip Girl Thailand, The OC Thailand, A House of Mad Souls and From Dreams to Eternity), Manila’s most in-demand photographer BJ Pascual who lensed the photos for the show, as well as model mentor Kelly Tandiono from Indonesia. 


The winner of this week’s challenge is MaiNgo (Vietnam), followed by Julian (Philippines) and May (Myanmar) as runner-ups.

Jessica (Hong Kong) was the one who has fractured her foot and was given a unique “crutch couture” theme. 

Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos:



Watch the teaser for Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 3 (air date: 23 March 2016, Wednesday at 9pm on StarWorld Asia Channel): 



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