The pioneering batch of designer labels from the Parco next NEXT incubator @ Parco Marina Bay, who have been in the programme for over two years, are now going to Japan, and the Japanese are in for a treat of retail delight (favored and imported from Singapore)!

The labels are currently housed at PARCO Next NEXT, on the 2nd-floor of Parco Marina Bay, Singapore.

From March 27 to April 4, 10 homegrown labels will be showcased in a 300-ft pop-up store under the ongoing LOVE HUMAN campaign, which supports emerging talent. This Parco next NEXT pop-up store will be housed on the ground floor of the iconic and very stylish retail complex Shibuya PARCO, right in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, which is also the go-to place for Tokyo’s trendy fashion.

PARCO next Next pop-up store will be housed in PARCO Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

These labels will present a collection of 10 – 20 looks each, all inspired by the stars on the Singapore flag, and the collections will be curated by none other than Mr. Yuji Yamamoto (founder of RE.BIRTH CO and son of famed Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto), who has also helmed the Mark One’s Mark project, which incubates promising Japanese fashion designers (like our very own Parco Incubator!)

Take a good look at these 10 labels, because they are going to make Singapore proud and soar great heights in Japan! Gambatte!!!


L’ILE AUX ASHBY by Rayson Tan

Aimed at the discerning urbanite, L’ILE AUX ASHBY’s designs are inspired by dynamic, fluid shapes that flow through time. Focusing heavily on quality, detail and exclusivity, the label strives to merge art with daily life by crossing the boundaries of emotions with designs, setting the brand’s identity with it’s unique printed details as well as the choice of delicate fabrications.

L’ILE AUX ASHBY will be showing 162 pieces from the Cosmopolintan Beau collection.

Prices are priced between SGD$59 and SGD$230


PAULINE.NING by Pauline Lim

PAULINE.NING is a womenswear label that produces urban ready-to-wear clothing with a touch of edginess, bringing together contemporary fashion and traditional handcrafted work.

Naturally drawn to organic shapes and elements, PAULINE.NING enjoys the idea of contradiction where her designs often reflects opposites – raw and refined, structured and soft. Each of her pieces brings together an ensemble of different fabrics combined  with minimal touches of handcrafted detailing to make each piece an elaborate statement on its own.

PAULINE.NING will be showing 15 looks from the 2012 Cruise Collection.

Prices are priced between SGD$249 and SGD$289.


COUPE-COUSU by Xie Shangqian and Alex Yeo

COUPE-COUSU is a celebration of youth, not as an age or number but the embodiment of all things youthful, bringing to life the designers’ use of pop-art, mash-ups, clashing colours and a blend of seemingly incongruous elements, which represent unbridled curiosity, brimming optimism, the relentless energy in pursuit of freedom and a sense of self.

With such a character to the label’s identity, the label aims to design clothes for real men who gives a damn, by engineering details  and tinkering with the garment’s construction, thus creating clothes that are easily worn by the everyday man; someone who wants an interesting and versatile wardrobe that gets him noticed, but not in a vulgar way.

COUPE-COUSU will be showing 25 looks from Spring/Summer 2012.

Prices are priced between SGD$89 and SGD$259


MAE PANG by Pang Ai Mei

Re-imagining design, fashion and art, MAE PANG is an independent concept label at the intersection of aesthetic and innovation.

Inspired by the greats such as London’s Dover Street Market and Colette in Paris, Pang loves to work with local and international designers across all disciplines, creating a forum for the experimental design/concept enthusiast, cult fashion follower and intuitive modernist.

MAE PANG will be showing 13 looks from past and present collections.

Prices are priced from SGD$199


SOPHIELLE by Kanwal Jit Kaur

SOPHIELLE aims to produce innovative and stylish designs that are fuse handcrafted elements with organic drapes and folds. The label places high emphasis on creations that are elegant and sophisticated but edgy. Nature and its colors play an important role in the design process.

With only a limited number of each design produced, SOPHIELLE is clearly for women who want to define their own identity with a truly unique style.

SOPHIELLE will be showing 10 looks from past and present collections.

Prices are priced between SGD$100 and SGD$360.


UN-COVERED by Joanne Loh

un-covered (UNCVRD) is a brand that exemplifies modern street wear with bold lines and charming confidence. Unpretentious and original, UNCVRD holds firm onto its concept of uncovering new styles and ideas, transforming them into assertive looks that tease with versatility and that essential dash of fun.

un-covered will be showing 10 looks from its 2011 Cruise collection.

Prices are priced between SGD$105 and SGD$230.


READY.MADE by Sabrina Gunawan

Ready.Made is a female casual wear label inspired by art and aesthetics in everyday life. The label incorporates montages and sketches in its designs and brings old-school elements to meet those of the modern world, putting a vintage twist to the contemporary.

The label reaches out to the fun and quirky, those who ardently believe that everyday wear can simply and readily portray one’s own style of fashion.

READY.MADE will be showing 10 looks from previous collections.

Prices are priced between SGD$115 and SGD$245.


CHALK by Priscilla Tan

Bearing pieces that are manifestations of designer Priscilla Tan’s original ideas and inspirations, CHALK is a womenswear label the draws on the importance of self-expression, inviting the wearer to make each piece her own via creations that are easy to slip on, love and wear unbothered.

Each piece from the brand boast modern, sophisticated lines with an intimate attention to fit and detail so they enhance and flatter without overpowering. Unique prints, a salute to Tan’s background as a visual artist, put the finishing touch on a distinctly classic, versatile and fun look.

CHALK will be showing 13 looks from past and present collections.

Pieces are priced between SGD$109 and SGD$229.


YUMUMU  by Lu Yilin

YUMUMU offers refreshing interpretations of modernity manifested in exquisite craftmanship.

Working with materials of exceptional quality, YUMUMU takes pride in creating flattering pieces, always designing with the YUMUMU muse in mind; a feminine figure with an unwavering sense of youthful confidence and understated, yet distinct style.

The designer, with her sheer sight of creativeness, has been selected by Mr Yamamoto to be sold permanently at his Mark One’s Mark store in Tokyo. She was also recently selected for a six-month internship with London-based Scottish designer Christopher Kane.

‘Being part of the pioneer batch of Parco Next Next designers has given me a lot of exposure and opportunities to showcase my designs. Everything that I have learnt, both creatively and business-wise, has given my label a strong foundation.’ – Lu Yilin

YUMUMU will be showing 12 looks from previous collections.

Pieces are priced between SGD$249 and SGD$349.


OwnMuse by Oon Shu Juang and Joanna Lau

Inspired by vintage and the 1950s, OwnMuse’s pieces are offered up in a soft colour palette of pale peaches and luscious creams, and contrasted with strong, textured blacks and heather greys for that bit of boldness. OwnMuse favours a silhouettes that is flirty and feminine with a touch of elegance and edge.

Expect to see clean and modern lines and details such as pleating, ruching and touches of beading. With full high-waist skirts, soft chiffon blouses, cute detailed cropped tops and chic, textured jackets. OwnMuse whisks you away to the the lovely period of the 1950s, and brings vintage back to the modern world.

OwnMuse will be showing 10 looks from the current collection.

Prices are priced between SGD$109 and SGD$299.


“The pop-up store could be just a first step for a greater presence for Parco next NEXT designers outside of Singapore.”

– Mr Shuichi Hidake, Managing Director of PARCO (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

” Parco Japan wants to support and nourish the next generation of creators in various arenas, including fashion, culture and art. This is the spirit behind LOVE HUMAN, and the reason why we are happy to tie up with PARCO next NEXT and offer these designers the chance to show their collections at a prime location like Shibuya PARCO.”

– Mr Shigeyoshi Sato, Executive Officer of Overseas Business, PARCO Japan


Shoppers in Tokyo, take note!

In conjunction with the event, one lucky shopper at the Parco Next NEXT pop-up store in Shibuya Parco will stand a chance to win the ultimate fashion experience

-­‐ an all-­‐expenses paid trip to Singapore in May to attend the Asia Fashion Exchange.

This includes a pair of round trip tickets to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, 3 nights’ accommodation at the Marina Bay Sands, and tickets to catch selected shows at the Audi Fashion Festival, including the one by PARCO next NEXT. He or she will also receive $500 in PARCO Marina Bay shopping vouchers to stock up on even more homegrown fashion finds.


Mark your calendars, and embrace the unique Singapore fashion in Tokyo!


Image sources: from respective brands, Spring Singapore and

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