The world of East-London Fashion designer Jessica Au is anything but boring!

It is, in fact, a case of trippy-ness in full-blown glory of eclectic-ness and super space-like jargons. And that is exactly what intrigued us to her.


Having worked with famous fashion names and brands such as Hussein Chalayan, Puma, Michelle Lowe Holder and Nigel Cabourne, Jessica Au’s affinity with creating spectacular designs definitely comes with no surprise.

More notably, she has was also shortlisted for the most significant and prestigious graduate award there is whilst she was still studying fashion design in Middlesex University in 2010, and that is- The River Island Gold Award.

As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, it is also clear to note that this bold and daring designer has also landed herself a completely sold-out collection at Somerset House London Fashion Week 2012 – a remarkably feat in itself. Her label is also currently housed in Japan’s Teknopolice since 2011, alongside sensational underground labels and even, Philip Treacy and KTZ – of which both are icons for audacious and eye-catching garbs.


Peek at Jessica Au’s vigorous sketches for her newest collection

Fast forward to the Spring.Summer season in 2013, the talented designer has joined forces with UK up-cycled vintage connoisseur VVVintage to create a collaborative collection of clothes, which is in fact, Jessica Au’s second collection so far since her menswear collection for Spring.Summer 2011. And this collection is her first-ever collection for the men’s & ladies’ under her JAU label.

Entitled “νέον “or Neon, which means “New One” in Greek, the collection transmits senses of unstoppable energy and utter playfulness.


Drawing direct influences from one of my favourite bands at the moment: Die Antwoord – a South African rap-rave music group that pins onto the ‘Zef’ counter-culture and Neo Trash Movement with their catchy and explosive anthems, especially the hit “Zef Style” where her clothes look almost high-on-meth and immensely brash with daring pops of colours, loose-fitted yet sleek sweaters and prints of tag-phrases that are reminiscences of Japanese manga comics.


While it might remind you of Jeremy Scotts’ clothes to some sense, Jessica Au’s style is definitely a signature to herself. With a whole load of uniquely irregular cuts and unconventional silhouettes, the outfits are tailored in the likes of high-fashion meets contemporary sportswear.


It is laidback yet action-packed to some extent; simply party-appropriate for those quirky rave gatherings. One can definitely imagine lightsticks syncing well with those looks.

Otherwise, they are also wearable clothes that are crafted to impress even the most stylish street photographers, where onlookers simply stand in awe.


Plus, we can never, ever get enough of these perplex bags with beautifully cut-out intricate details in neon colours. Dope or what?



At the same time, also spicing things up on our radar is this collaborative fashion film by director Rob Heppell and Jessica Au herself which I like very much. It encapsulates a story for the sensational collection in a seemingly adventurous way like no other.


Called “Schizolog”, the fashion-loaded video explores a multi-faceted dimensional realm that might live in her world of clothes, and how model Pia Denker who stars in the film, battles and fights through encounters with monsters and clones, all after finding a magical box.

More noteworthily, each scene also depicts different outfits from the collection as the model Pia journeys through a story in which she searches for a way home.


So if the νέον (Neon) milkyway is for you, and statement, stylish looks is your rule of the game, we’d say hop on, and take a ride through this remarkably talented designer’s palette of impressive creations.

Because if we were to choose only one piece of clothes to wear in dire circumstances, we would choose Jessica Au’s clothes instantaneously anytime of the day, without even batting our eyelids.

And that’s how much we are insanely in love with her designs.


Discover more geniuses in Jessica Au (JAU LABEL)’s collections at JESSICA-AU.COM and SHOP the Spring/Summer 2013 collection at TEKNOPOLICE (Japan),Shop172 and 123 BETHNAL GREEN (both from United Kingdom).

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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