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Jacket from FELDER & FELDER, Black Latex top from SOFT PARIS, Turquoise top, shorts & shoes from JANE BOWLER | Leggings from SIMON PREEN, and Rings from MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE

It’s dark, it’s mysterious and it’s eclectic at the same time.

And that is the story of the latest fashion editorial spread, ‘Car Park, Blue Times’ by London-based stylist Maria Martin-Caro, whose fashion and cinematography works are often featured in XO magazine (NY) and Atlas Magazine (UK), as well as photographer Rob Jarvis, who is also instrumental for the many cover photography of various magazines, including Show Studio (UK), Noctis Magazine (UK) and XO magazine (NY), where he has shot my current music obsession, Charli XCX!

That aside, we are simply stoked at the vast amount of creativity and storytelling that went behind this spread.

As the name says, this shoot took place in a car park, whereby the notion of a blue feeling and lonely vibe of a girl is channeled in contrast to the industrial architecture, and through an urban styling direction- minimalist yet edgy at the same time.

The shoot uses an all-British Spring/Summer 2013 coordination of labels, with names like Felder & Felder, Jane Bowler, Martina Spetlova, Maria Francesca Pepe, Kirsty Ward, Claudia Ligari, and many more in the mix.

Blue Top from MARTINA SPETLOVA, Trousers from CLAUDIA LIGARI, Belt from KIRSTY WARD, Shoes from JANE BOWLER, and Jewellery from MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE


Here we speak to Maria Martin-Caro herself, who is also the one who has so graciously submitted this editorial spread to us:

JESSICA: Hi Maria, tell us about the story behind your editorial spread

MARIA: Hi Jessica! Well, Car Park, Blue times is an independent photo shoot that I have created with Rob Jarvis–  a really talented photographer who is based in London, as well as other friends who were collaborators onboard, like Anna Wild, a wonderful make up & hair stylist.

At the beginning, my main point was “BLUE” as a colour; a mode of feeling and attitude, and how I wanted translate all of these through a still image.

Initially, I wanted the shoot to be photographed inwater, however after my first chat with Rob, he came out with the idea to do something outdoors in an industrial location. Immediately, I fell in love with his idea. We then decided to use a Car Park in a night shoot, in the middle of December. Crazy, I know! (smiles)

We booked our model, looking for someone strong and really young, which was the best way to translate the vibe and also have a little bit edgy touch, as well as avoid getting a trashy style.

For the wardrobe, I’ve used sport wear pieces mixed with pleated skirts and tuxedo trousers for an urban, modern yet minimalist look, with the addition of some jewellery.

I´m really happy with the final work.


J: What are some of the key elements and aspects that you look for when picking out the wardrobe for a fashion shoot?

MARIA: First and mainly I think about the textures, palette of colour and which pieces would works better to tell the history through styling and photography. Then I would check with some of the designers collections (I would also seek from new London designers) to see if they have what I like, and thereafter I would add them to my rack.

Whenever I’m choosing pieces in the studio, I like to use as many designers as I can, so that there would be diversity in the credits. But sometimes, I’ve had amazing collections where practically every piece from the collection works perfectly fine. Then, I would mind using the same designer in a few outfits.


White top from CLAUDIA LIGARI, Long plated Blue & White Skirt from JAYNE PIERSON, and Jewellery from MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE
J: So how do you infuse your own style and touch to the wardrobe coordination?

MARIA: I´m a bit of a minimalist though I like the boho-rock style, so you´ll see some of this touch on my work. Being a fanatic of shoes, you’ll see great designs of them as well as statements jewellery pieces in the shoot too.

Perhaps, over the years working for different clients and projects, I’m able to adapt my skills and style for them.


J: As someone who also leads in art direction in a shoot, what are some of the most memorable challenges that you have had?

MARIA: As you know, there are so many factors that would running on in a photo shoot, with a lot of preparation and meetings to be done before so that you and your team will set up a great project.

Any photo shoot has their anecdotes, so I´ll have so many to tell you; from having your model arriving late and then need a lot of work in camera with her that took a lot of time to make sure you and the photographer are directing and going in the certain way your editorial that´s a final process of work to show to the world.

Then I think my best challenge was when I managed to set up Car Park, Blue Times. I´d worked on the creative approach and meetings with Rob Jarvis, the photographer to fit schedules. I started making appointments to purchase samples with the PR agencies but I got a last time booking to work in a commercial as a Set Decorator for HUDSON jeans, who were in London making their last campaign and I said yes !! But I had only 4 days before shooting Car Park, book the model and get my samples, a little bit crazy times but finally with the help of everyone and four days without sleep we make it, and here is it, been published in the The Couture Troopers!


J: How did you get started as a stylist in the first place?

MARIA: After graduating in fashion design in Madrid Spain- my hometown, I did a few internships in fashion designer studios, catwalks and TV wardrobe.

Thereafter, I started working with tv series as well as tv shows such as X factor and moving to fashion PR to know more about the marketing – advertising side.

Now, my focus is mainly on fashion styling, which was what I always I wanted to do. And I’d love to do some collaborations in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Blue & White Top from JAYNE PIERSON, White top from CLAUDIA LIGARI, Mesh shorts and blue bangle from KIRSTY WARD, Rings from MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE, Hosiery from SOFT PARIS, and Shoes from JANE BOWLER
J: Which designers and/or stylists influence your works most?

MARIA: I’m really influenced by the New Yorker and London Style. Some of the designers who influence me are Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Felder & Felder, Marc Jacob, Michael Kors, Balenciaga house, Acne, Gareth Pugh and many more.

I don’t usually look at other stylist for influences, but I do take references from Fashion Stylist Directors like Grace Coddington, whom I think is an extremely talented woman with a lot of knowledge in the industry. What I love most about her is her touch of rebel, as she always expresses what she thinks very clearly in all her works.

Even in the recent MET Gala, she said :

“I´d like to see some real punk in here, some real street punks, but I doubt they were invited”

And I thought that was really brilliant!

J: How would you define a perfect shoot?

MARIA: I guess that would be the one where you get all the photos and the outfits you need, which includes make up & hair changes, lighting and backgrounds for the studio. The one where you really have a good time with everyone.

Feeling happy about what you do – that’s the main thing for me.

{LEFT}: Crop top from SIMON PREEN, Turquoise Jacket from JANE BOWLER, Leather Skirt from JAMES HOCK, Green Cuffs from FELDER & FELDER, and Rings from MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE | {RIGHT}: White denim sports top from CLAUDIA LIGARI, Yellow Mesh shirt, earrings and necklace from KIRSTY WARD
J: If you could sum up your style with one word, what would it be?

Hmm, this´s not easy. I guess I’ll use three words to describe it: ‘Modern Rock Chic’


Thank you Maria for the wonderful interview and submission!

And if you can’t get enough of her works, CLICK HERE to view her site.


Photography – Rob Jarvis
Photographic Assistant – Emma Gibney
Stylist – Maria Martin – Caro
Stylist´s Assistant – Rynae Masawi
Make up & Hair – Anna Wild
Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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