For anyone who has a thing for Singapore fashion, Parco NEXT Next is always THE place to go to; for its impeccably wide array of category in design, and a well-diversified selection of menswear and womenswear styles from the cohort of really talented Singapore designers in the programme.

This year’s edition of the show at Audi Fashion Festival 2013 on Saturday itself showcased the full-fledged collections for the Spring/Summer season from eight designers, namely Revasseur, Kae Hana, Mash-Up, WSDM,  Evenodd, Lion Earl, 20:TwoThree, and alumni designer Coupe Cousu. It was in its entirety, nothing short of fantastic and exciting in all senses.

The entre show in general was packed with full of surprises, with a seemingly interesting dance accompanied by a rhythmic beat-boxing that kicked off the showcase, as well as many guest stars and bloggers who walked in some of the designer segments, a roller-skating entree, as well as a finale music piece by the beat-boxer & dance trio.


For one, the fashion show kicked off with Revasseur by designer Gilda Su (above), who is known for creating whimsical wonderlands, in-your-face comical prints and huge essence of positivity. And this season is one that sees a nautical infusion and inspiration, that brings about thoughts of pirates, captains or just an anchor casted from a ship. The usage of swaying ropes especially, totally brings about a great focus on the whole process of docking ships, and not forgetting, the utmost incorporation of stripes and quirky nautical prints.

I also love the influx of drapes that are shaped so effortlessly, the addition of the ‘BITCH PLEASE’ tagline emblazoned on a super sequined tee and the the series of unique hat shapes that sync so well with her exciting and thematic concept!

The let-down-hair and carefree feel can totally be felt! So let’s say “Ahoy Captain” to that!



True to her signature style, KAE HANA‘s third collection-to-date which is entitled “Ride the winds” is one that showed a visual delight of sensual and energy-induced prints that are composed of flowing, rhythmic lines and impressive provocation in colours.

Where there are vibrant colours of sweet pastels versus bold solid hues , there are clever contrasts of blacks and whites. And where the silhouettes are kept minimal, the surprise subtle details are aplenty, with slits and complementing halter-neck styles. Catching our eye is also the combination of eclectic accessories into the looks, that are made from corkscrews and ropes, a collaboration with fellow Parco NEXT Next designer, Foreword.

Of course, how we can ever forget? Her show was also the only one that made used of not only real people, but rather, women who are built more curvy, more busty and bigger in size, where the designer herself actually walked and opened her runway segment alongside TV host and actress Anita Kapoor!

So if we were to sum it up, her collection is definitely all about freedom and fluidity in prints, yet with a tough-as-screw attitude and  absolute punches of confidence! We totally see a winning combination all packed in one! Simply well done!



Of course, no one can ever beat Mash-Up by designers Shaf Amis’aabudin, Nathanael Ng and Daniela Monasterios Tan, in terms of stage showmanship in a fashion show.

Bringing forth their brash and seemingly spontaneous energy from where they have left off last year in the same show, they have set the stage on it’s highest note, with a surprising entrance item; a high-adrenaline roller-skating extravaganza that had the Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls, a group of four who are dressed in their latest street-wear designs, roller-skating right across the stage with utter swag, and thereafter, with an emergence of a declaration message, that says ‘GAME ON’.


And just like the name goes, the general feel that encircled the collection was tad mashed-up, with a riot of pattern clashes and prints on prints within their signature casual street-wear look, topped with an overall artistic and DIY feel.

From blue-coloured leopard printed denim shirts to large zig-zag patterns in bright, hue-intense colours on jerseys to even a ‘$’ sign swimsuit, this collection is just fitting for one of the season’s trend look; the modern tribal with a new wave style. Of course, with prop that serve as intentional juxtaposes; the occasional pop of plastic skirting and sleeves, the headphones, and oh, the neon neckband that is perfect for clubbing!

All in all, something refreshing for the summer wardrobe, we would say!



Like the rest, the men can now get their pop of colours from menswear label WSDM by Riane Toh and Abel Lim, who have put on their colour palettes, and moved away from their darker, tailored wear to a happy and more casual style in the showcase of their latest S/S 2013 collection ‘More than Life’.

For once, the emergence of shorts takes to one with polka-dots, bright turquoise and magenta hues, as well as an easy-breezy play of knitted three-quarter sleeved tee shirts, intricate-corded sweaters and some lightweight polka-dotted shirts.

I love how realistic the whole approach in design was, and how these looks can fit right into the men’s wardrobe with ease and extreme practicality, yet echo vitality in a laid-back American summer look!



Right on the colour wheel, Coupe Cousu by Xie Shangqian and Alex Yeo heralded and dazzled the men in the crowd, with an all vibrant-hued menswear collection of suits in full-shaded glory.

Gold metallic placements on the shirts and pants were also infused for a space influence, adding to a seemingly demi-couture impression, where a full-scale focus on the beautiful fit and a tailored workmanship is ever so prominent.

Most importantly, the one singular value that can be gathered about the whole collection, is how every single look is composed with one focal point, be it the gold pockets, the pipped plackets, or even the gold specks; making it thoroughly consistent, relevant and worthy of a smart, sartorial look. It is definitely a fresh alternative to the traditional dull suits, and is fit for anyone who dares to make a statement.



More sartorial fashion also lies ahead in the new collection from Evenodd, a menswear label by designer Samuel Wong.

And this season’s Spring/Summer casual looks have called for a mania of polka-dots- in direct and indirect manner, namely in prints and in the diffusing placements of 3D studs paillettes respectively, using a rather monochromatic colour palettes of black, grey and white. The singular burst of neon green in a vest made out of bubble-wrap and transparency-play in bubble-wrap sling bags on the runways also add a level of interestingness to the collection.

More notably, it was highly interesting as the label tread into the venture of womenswear looks, using the same design formula as the mens looks. Though we aren’t very sure about the short shorts for mens, the collection is perhaps one of the most easy-to-wear from the label.



One of the labels that I always look forward to is 20:TwoThree, for being the one single label whose niche is in drapes rather than prints.

And this season’s presentation of the clothes totally took on a high in the area of androgynous fashion, blending the genders right where you can’t actually make out if that look is for the men or women, or for both, with the masks covering all the models’ faces.

Though seemingly effortless, the high technicality on bias-cut drapes, with nips and tucks on lightweight natural fabrics presents a raw, unfinished look that brings about an avant garde feel that I like very much. 



Last but not least, biggest props to Lion Earl by Lionel Low, Hariz Lim and Julianatasha Salleh for justifying the bountiful talent in Singapore fashion design with a collection that totally stole my heart away.

Be it in terms of showmanship, precision-cuts and streamlined silhouettes, Lion Earl has it all brilliantly executed, with a stunning headdress to boot.

Their incorporation of the sensual, vapour-like effect in prints, that is a result from the photography of crinkled paper on the dresses, skirts and tops add great connection to their TRON inspiration. Not only that, they have also input in a genius reinvention take on the season’s sought-after peplums, into something even more sculptured and sci-fi to some extent, with the 3D pleating, folding and stitching, closing it all with long, billowing fitted gown that resonates with its amount of sheers and ribbon-fringing on the sleeves.


I don’t know about you, but I honestly felt that I could totally relate with this collection as the looks are simply so sexy, yet strong and confident for a woman. And as a woman myself, I can safely say that this look is the ultimate empowerment that one could ever have.


In all essence, the show was indeed unlike any other, and is a proving evidence that the Singapore fashion design scene has without a doubt, evolved and rised to a standard that is on par with those of numerous fashion cities.

These designers have high potentials to become big names with their meticulous execution, from concept to design, to their undying love to think out of the box, and their venture into many varied sources as inspirations for their collections.

We look forward to see more from this pool of talented designers!


To shop what you see here, visit PARCO NEXT NEXT retail space today: 

PARCO Marina Bay, Level 2
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Find the map to the location HERE


All photos and text by Jessica Ye

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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