Music has always been in the blood of Rick Hung, the Singapore-based, Hong Kong born designer of menswear label 2HB.

That is why it was certainly no surprise to us that he has cited that his newest 2014 collection, which has just been showcased on the runway of Hong Kong International Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013-14 last month, was conceived out of his unwavering love for music.

Entitled “The man who grunge the world”, the collection was more specifically created as a 20th anniversary tribute to Kurt Cobain, who was known as one of the world’s greatest rock icon, as well as the lead singer of American rock band Nirvana.

As the collection name goes, the style is pretty much akin to the grungy side of things, with longhaired boys all sporting a nonchalant attitude on their faces. Of the things that emerge on the runway, a custom-made guitar adorned with American-inspired embellishments found in the hands of one of the models, in particular, signifies much character with a genuine rock star adrenaline.



What we love most, of course, would be the tip-top quality of the clothes. For one, Rick is one designer who pays exquisite attention in the upholding of meticulous levels in quality, choosing to apply the best quality silks, linen and other shirting fabrics to the sleek and tailored silhouettes of his designs. These cuts show a refined first impression, but if you look closer, you would see unexpected details that spark magic in a grunge-up style.

Details like a single sprout of sheer organza layer to the hemlines of a crisp pair of shorts, to a burst of hard, patent leather on the collaring of a fitted blouse-shirt, as well as to the sprinkling of minuscule sparkle details on a tailored blazer for the men’s speak, such detailing in clothes simply speaks volumes on the experimental direction that the brand is taking on. And need we say, the pairing of studs with no-nonsense pinstriped men’s suit, though unconventional, is just sublime.


One of the most iconic elements of details, of course, would have to be the incorporation of plastic-looking sheer fabric that slits across skirts and tees in a diagonal fashion, coming equipped with zips that can be unzipped to create an irregular hemline look. This conceptual function is not only transformational and daring, but it also points towards a two-way direction of wearing clothes. A plus points for anyone who loves to style their clothes in different manners; same piece yet different ways of wearing for all occasion.

With such, it was certainly great joy to see how 2HB has grown so much as a label over the past year, with his debut in the Parco NEXT Next @ Marina Bay just last year.

No longer mere dandy menswear, Rick’s style as a designer has certainly grown more personified, more attuned to his own individual style and most importantly, they are all created with a story to tell. When asked on what are his feelings with this being his first runway debut on such an international platform, he quips, “It was indeed a wide window for me to open my brand to the whole world. After the fashion show, I have many interested media and buyers who have come forth to ask me more about my collection and my label, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end results of it”.



And out of the many questions posed to him by the media, he states that most of them actually asked him on his reasons for choosing to create his collection as a tribute collection, with which he answered with “Music is a very important aspect to me. It encompasses my entire life and I basically cannot do anything without music. Music gives me the mood and makes my creativity come alive.”

He also added that Designing my collection as a tribute collection to Kurt Cobain was certainly no second thought for me. I have always regarded Kurt Cobain as my greatest muse, having grown up listening to him. I find him really relatable as an artist and I am incredibly touched by all the words in his songs. I am incredibly humbled by the many great works he has done and I dedicate this collection to him in his memory”.

To sum up things, we asked him on how he sees himself as a designer. He simply states “I actually don’t see myself as a designer and dislike being labeled as that. 2HB is a label that was created as a reinterpretation of my life, where I can have a better understanding of myself. It is also created as an outlet for me to showcase my lifestyle. To tell you frankly, I actually design the clothes with myself in mind, clothes that I would wear and shoes that I would wear. It is real and unpretentious. I also believe in pushing myself in whatever I do and never being lazy.”



On the emergence of a singular women’s look on the runway for this season, he states “Next season’s collection would be another stepping stone for me. I love challenges and I would love to see my brand in the womenswear category. This look is just a preview of what is to come in 2HB womenswear line. You can expect the line to be derivatives of the 2HB’s signature style. Clean, sleek and unexpected.”

We are certainly looking forward to see that. 

No doubt the zeitgeist of our time.


2HB is available in selected boutiques in Shanghai, Beijing and Moscow. For more information as well as custom made orders from the new collection, do write in to


Visit 2HB’s facebook page for more information.

Posted by:Jessica Ye

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Couture Troopers, former editor of Designaré Magazine, and a first class honours graduate of Goldsmiths University of London's BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries Degree. She is a true-blooded leo who thinks that over-commercialism kills art.

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