Mash-Up Presents Loco in Tokyo

Brewing in trendy hip-hop / R&B bar Butter Factory on Friday was the launch of the autumn / winter 2013 collection of Singaporean fashion collective MASH-UP, aptly titled “LOCOS IN TOKYO”, where an energetic mix of street wear and youthful prints and appliqué  adorned a casual collection of skirts, dresses and sweaters.

Designers Daniela Monasterios-Tan, Nathanael Ng and Shaf Amis’aabudin draw inspirations from the low-rider Mexican-American (or Chicano) culture in Japan fusing the collection with intricate kimono-inspired motifs, Japanese Kitsune masks and the all-too-familiar Hokusai wave to bring us a funky collection of familiar, but trendy wear.

We had so much fun attending the show-cum-bash, where we were able to see the collection up front and talk to the Mash-Up gang. It was a fun display of colour and vibrancy with updated silhouettes and proportions from their previous collections, plus the infusion of Japanese elements was a cool mix suffused with the designer’s own imagination and energy.







We cannot wait to see what MASH-UP have for us next- we are sure it can only get much COOLER!

Posted by:xinlinw

"I’m an artist and writer who likes literature, prints, patterns and weird ideas. Some of these things have no relation to one another, but if you do think about it, they actually do."

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