FIFTEEN: that was the lucky number our eyes feasted on when we walked into PARCO next NEXT store on Tuesday, 1st October. 15 collections by 15 amazing designers for the Fall/Winter 2013 season launch —  and we cannot help but feel like starry-eyed kids in front of a huge shop window.



We also see the two alumni of the fashion design incubator project, Mae Pang and Coupé-cousu back on the Parco block, but don’t let this fool you. They may know one another already, but every collection is a jewel in itself — unique and oh-so brilliant.

Presenting collections from Mash-Up, REVASSEUR, Lion Earl, Coupé-cousu, KaeHana, and more, Couture Troopers gives you the low-down on some of our favorites from this season:





Perhaps if Dorothy and Toto had followed a different path down the yellow brick road it might have led them to… REVASSEUR. Because looking at designer Gilda Su’s collection makes us feel both magical and quite powerful at the same time. Kinda like being swept away by that tornado, but in a more dignified fashion, we think.



 Two parts royalty, one part classic, but entirely fit for a queen: we are head over heels in love with this jacket above. Beautiful!

PS: We hear that the collection was in part inspired after Gilda’s dogs chewed her favorite sofa… see, if only every funny little backstory could produce something like that, we’d be so jealous. Keep rockin’ our socks off, REVASSEUR.



The world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower… if poet William Blake were alive today we’d think he would be best friends with LION EARL. Designers Lionel Low and Hariz Lim turn quirky doodads into gorgeous fashion statements with a single, sweeping hand. And the best part is? Even common, everyday items have a story to tell.

Fiery red, royal blue, amethyst purple define the colour palette this season. Can we say GORGEOUS!





Men, listen up. If you are looking to wear something to impress your girls with, designers Xie Shangqian and Alex Yeo have just about the thing for you. Tailored for the modern urbanite, the pragmatist, the one on the go, COUPÉ-COUSU merges both form and function with a touch of art and a good play on some very classic motifs.





Craftsmanship is the keyword here. And menswear have never been so awesome, or stylish.



MASH-UP’s design strategy is as follows: take crazy, more colors, add style. We are continually amused by designers Daniela, Nathanael and Shaf’s sense of humour and think they would make good hosts for a pool party.  Complete with Kitsune masks, kimono-inspired motifs and the ever-present Hokusai wave to make for some funky party gear.







We featured Mash-Up’s Launch Party a couple of weeks ago, but we’d gladly remind you to take another look (



Some clothes make us want to dance with our shoes off and KaeHana is surely one of them. We’ve been huge fans of the label since… well, forever, and it’s not difficult to say why.



Kae Hana tugs at our heartstrings a little more by releasing items that purr right at our inner fashionista. Delicious colors, well-cut silhouettes and crazy geometrical prints are some of the highlights this season… Check out the gorgeous tiger print in the image above, and tell me if you are not impressed.





It surely is an epic scene at… EPISENE. Forgive us for the cheesy pun but we cannot help but be blown away by designer Lim Yun Ting’s latest collection.



A complete unisex look, cool drapes and an edgy colour palette to top it off, we are pretty sure both guys and girls can shimmy in these outfits!





Taking a walk through SALONI RATHOR’s collection this time round is like stumbling across a treasure trove of trinkets. Stashed away in the attic, long forgotten, Dutch dancer Mata Hari comes alive like an old legend, flickering in and out of sight. Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, designer Saloni Shrestha also makes some pretty fine gems.

Emeraldians — a silk dress with cascading details and length, Weaved in Love — a lace jacket with delicate finishings, and If Blemishes were beautiful — a tailored lavender dress with broken butterfly prints are some of the jewels adorning this season’s collection.



For the nomad, the idealist, the culture hungry: SALONI RATHOR has something for each of you.





MAE PANG has just been featured in every Singapore magazine there is out there and it is not difficult to see why. We’d let the collection do the talking but… this shimmery silver top from above is our absolute favorite piece. Three parts sexy, one part chic: Complete love!


Other exciting local labels @ PARCO next NEXT:


alexandria chen



Foon Foono



Wil.LiaM Atelier 



Do check them out at the PARCO next NEXT store at: PARCO Marina Bay, Level 2
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

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