The Maison’s touring showcase makes its last – and Southeast-Asia exclusive – stop in Singapore, inviting us to a sensorial journey between its heritage and vision for the fashion future.

Louis Vuitton has been a byword for travel and excellence in craftsmanship since time immemorial, when the luxury house first started by making attentively designed trunks for Parisian clients who were constantly on the road.

And that is what will be waiting for you the minute you walk into exhibition’s first room, Master Mind, lifting open the lid to the creative mind of Nicolas Ghesqueire, its incumbent creative director, who has brought the 161 years old brand to a new plane – spaces in between were completed with wonderfully dizzying high-tech visuals, transporting one to a world possibly another 161 years from now.

The common thread running through this exhibition was the evidence that Louis Vuitton’s traditional savoir-faire is not too far away from Ghesqueire’s vision for its future.


Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition in Singapore from COUTURE TROOPERS MAGAZINE on Vimeo.


Moving on to the Artists’ Hands and you will get to experience the making of the currently hotly-coveted New Classics bags – the La Petite Malle and the Dora – vicariously through their craftsmen’s perspective on a table-screen.





And in the Accessories Gallery, you can observe even more closely how ghosts of Louis Vuitton’s past, such as the original Malle trunk custom-made for Miss France 1927, Roberte Cusey, were reincarnated into the brand’s latest range of leather goods, which carries the same design gestures.





A blank space filled with vintage and new pieces modelled by the avatars of Ghesquiere’s muse Marte Mei van Haaster populating the room.


Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition in Singapore – Accessories Gallery from COUTURE TROOPERS MAGAZINE on Vimeo.


Then rewind time and see the creation of the La Petite Malle bag from scratch by one of Louis Vuitton’s flown-in artisans. The dance between the hands, materials, and technical tools was transfixing.



30 hours and a pair of hands were dedicated to every La Petite Malle



Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition in Singapore – Artisan at work from COUTURE TROOPERS MAGAZINE on Vimeo.


Likewise was the experience when you get to shuttle between the digitally simulated Autumn-Winter 2015 runway show – the room was modelled after the set-up of the presentation held at the Louis Vuitton Foundation – and the proximity with the physical pieces from the collection itself, available for the visitors to feel the fabrics and learn their constructions and details.




A modern woman’s dream Walk in Wardrobe.



And before you get back to the real world, don’t forget to pick up some stickers as a memento, because who knows what new and exciting frontier Louis Vuitton is going to take us to next season.





Louis Vuitton, Series 3 Exhibition is held at Crystal Pavilion South, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B2, between 28th November to 23rd December 2015.

Click here to book your visit online and beat the queue.

Posted by:Kirsten Seah

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