The golden ratio (1.61803398875, to be exact) is a rule designers hold fast to in order to achieve aesthetic perfection. It is also the raison d’etre and inspiration for the name of a new Spanish luxury handbag label, OneSixOne, which upholds the sum of traditional craftsmanship, arts, and culture. 

Every season, the brand’s creative director Adrián Salvador Candela will collaborate with a different emerging artist, and the two will visit the small town of Andalusia to learn about the local artisans’ savoir-faire in leather and the time-honoured heritage of the country.

The sum has yielded a beautiful range of bags – something so quotidian which holds a person’s life and everyday necessities – that are thoughtfully crafted down to the minute detail, such as the minimalistic hardware designed by jewellery designer Helena Ronher.



Also in the equation of OneSixONe’s inaugural collection is Spanish-American painter Vicky Uslé, who can be recognised from her signature free strokes that counter the hexagonal shape of the bags.

In respect to numbers – and the notion of luxury – Candela will only produce 161 of them in each style. Because perfection is hard to attain.


OneSixOne Teaser:


Interview with Adrián Salvador Candela and Helena Ronher:


OneSixOne bags are available at  from $950.00€

Posted by:Kirsten Seah

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