In this day and age, where social media has taken over the entire stratosphere, how often is it that you would chance upon incredible works by talented designers or even artists who are especially breathtaking and innovative in their own ways?

I’m pretty sure that happens very often, don’t they? So cue in Daizy Shely, an especially gifted Milan-based, Israel-born fashion designer whom I have spotted on Facebook with my inquisitive eye a year ago.

Back at that point of time, she was still a budding designer who was studying in Istituto Marangoni and already, her graduate collection ‘Dark Kingdom’, which has recently scored a Top 10 position in MUUSE x Vogue Italia Talents Young Vision Awards 2012, has taken my breath away with the extravagant amount of intricacies in the detailing of her dresses.

They were all one-of-a-kind and are edged very much to the avant garde side of things, and that made me really excited. It was certainly no small feat too, considering the fact that she was still in school and was already making a name for herself!


And now, fast forward to 2013 where she is fresh out from school and ready to take on the world. Daizy plays her creative trump card right by rolling out an entire ready-to-wear collection for the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season under her brand new eponymous label DAIZY SHELY.

Encircled around the concept of architecture, the collection, which also marks the debut of her label, features an outstanding display of clever craftsmanship and patternmaking within clothes, with paneling in dresses, as well as precisely-cut layers of chiffon that give off a transitioning-gradient effect within coloured hues, just like how origami papers are in the rainbow effect.

Though subtly minimalist yet sleekly detailed, the collection of clothes also showcases varied styles of sculptured silhouettes, elaborate shapes and fitted styles, translating the core principle of modern architecture “Form follows function” entirely around the figure of the wearer.

Most importantly, what I really like about the collection is the fact that Daizy has established the concept of innovation-meets-practicality, whereby her clothes are incredibly wearable and versatile for modern day dressing and yet, they are also unique and statement-making in their own ways.

Not only that, we also feel that the pieces in this collection give off an incredible air of sartorial chic and refinement that are bound to hit the high-notes on the style-o-meter and capture the eye of all street style photographers within the radius.


Without further ado, here is our exclusive interview with Daizy Shely herself, straight from Milan:

Hi Daizy, talk us through your newest Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection?

Daizy: My collection for Fall/Winter 2013-14 is inspired by geometric shapes, modern art and architecture in Tel Aviv. When you walk down the streets of Tel Aviv, you will find modern buildings and colorful fountain, design with lots of colors and influence as well from the Kinetic art. And for that, I’ve decided to use these colors and the geometric shapes to create dresses with a dimensional illusion. In my designs, I also focus a lot on the female body and the beauty of it.


Describe the Daizy Shely’s wearer and the lifestyle that she leads.

Daizy: The woman of my collection is very confident in her body; she is sexy and is also very elegant at the same time. She is a fashionista, but she does it in her own unique way, whereby she likes to be different and exceptional.


Your design direction revolves a lot on fabric manipulation techniques, what are some of your favourite techniques to work with and why?

Daizy: For me, I like to play with fabric and try to create with it something completely different. I mostly use very soft fabrics together with hard materials such as leather or plastic as they give it a sense of contrast, which I really love.

Your previous collection ‘Dark Kingdom’ was attuned to a rather monochromatic colour palette, resonating largely on blacks and whites. What makes you deviate from that and choose to use vivid colours for this season?

Daizy: I decided to design my last collection “The Dark Kingdom” without any colors, just with black and white. And black-and-white is a form of visual representation that does not use colour. That is why I chose to express myself just with volumes and the silhouettes.

For this season I’ve continued the usage of black and white but mixing it with lots of other colours – I wanted to create something different and I think that the colour plays a big part in this collection.


Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

Daizy: It is too difficult to choose one!

This Fall/Winter 2013 collection is actually a debut for your brand. What are some of your feelings on this and what are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

Daizy: This is my first commercial collection, and I think that my biggest challenge was to be creative and commercial at the same time.

Doing fashion is the only place where I can be totally me; to be free, to create what I feel, and to give life to my imagination.


Does your collection reflect your own personal style?

Daizy: Yes, my collection is totally “Daizy”


Many designers are torn between the idea of creating avant-garde clothing and commercial ready-to-wear clothes. What is your take on this and how do you think you can balance that in your own design?

Daizy: To me, whether it is avant garde or commercial ready-to-wear, the most important thing is to find the perfect balance without losing your self. And to me, that is also the biggest challenge when creating a collection.


You were recently in the Top 10 finals of MUUSE x Vogue Italia Talents Young Vision Award, a design competition that showcases the works of cutting edge designers. Share with us some of your most memorable experiences / opportunities from there.

Daizy: It was certainly a wonderful experience for me to be part of this contest as it gives me a lot of visibility. To know that thousands of people voted for me and love my collection also gave me such a good feeling.


What are some of your goals for your brand?

Daizy: To be Daizy and also, to show different parts of me in every season.


If you could sum up your collection with one word, what would it be?

Daizy: Dimension.


Million thanks to Daizy for the interview.

Definitely one designer to look out for in 2013, we’d say!


The Daizy Shely Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection will be launched officially in April 2013.

Do visit her facebook page for more details.


Photos by Lior Susana (

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