Photography by Felly Loi

Text by Zureena Wahap | Photography by Felly Loi 


Love at the first sight, second sight, third sight…Love at the eighteenth sight. This may sound just a little too dramatic, but this is our instant reaction to Chinese Couturier Guo Pei‘s amazing couture show at FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013

Even the term ‘show-stopper’ is an understatement for her amazing works.

For two years straight, Guo Pei never disappoints. Always setting the standard to sky-high levels, she is known for her otherworldly proportions and stunning intricate work of embroidery and bead work.

Last year, she literally shook the stage when she opened the fashion week with an oriental show with groundbreaking creations, leaving us jaw-dropped and stunned. This is the kind of moment where you are left simply in awe; utterly speechless yet tremendously inspired.

This year, she charmed the audience with her yet another amazing collection, “The Arabian 1002 Nights”. Made of 18 stunning ensembles, her entire show is magical and surrealistic to all extent.

Models were strutting slowly yet elegantly down the runway with fascinating embellished platforms that were challenging to walk in, almost like stilts.


Photography by Felly Loi

Photography by Felly Loi

Gown with ornamental vase-like silhouette

Photography by Felly Loi

Photography by Felly Loi

Painted face, traditional Chinese robe that grazes the floor & royal dynasty vibe.

Though the show may be slightly longer than the rest, it was truly a night to let down one’s hair, forget all worldly cares and just delve right into her fantastical realm.

Encompassing of references to the Middle Eastern culture, vase-like silhouettes as well as structured skirts that are embellished with heavy metallic accents and thread-loom, the collection hints largely on perspective of ancient times as well as the grandeur of royal courts.

Some of the couture gowns even reminded us of what Queen Amidala from Star Wars would most probably wear for formal balls.

From styled hair in matching head gears to painted faces that resemble the Chinese Princess and Japanese Geishas, the show varied with a display of vibrant colour configurations in exuberant gold, muted metallics, and serene whites and blues.

The regular sighting of dragons and brocade motifs on both jacquards and richly loomed fabrics is also a trademark to Guo Pei.

Every look of hers is like a walking story in itself.


Royal Matriarch takes centre stage now with a huge regal gown for the Scottish courts
Photography by Felly Loi

Photography by Felly Loi

And the amazing ICE QUEEN with exquisite embroidery, silks, embellishments & gems
Photography by Felly Loi

Photography by Felly Loi

Love child of tulle and disco. 

So rich in concept, technicality and techniques that are akin to wearable art, exciting and never predictable, her last look of tulle red glittered gems was a surprise one, keyed closer to Western Influences. For some reason as well, it reminds us of Christmas!

Equipped with an impeccable ability to combine East and West cultures effortlessly into a concise showcase, there is no doubt why Guo Pei is the best Chinese designer of her time, as well as one of our favourite couturiers. 

For that, I’m pretty sure that all the guests had to drag their jaw from Marina Bay Sands Hall F back to their home. It was that amazing! 

After all, it’s a fact that we can never be royals, so let’s live that fantasy in Guo Pei’s collection!

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